Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Dream House Checklist

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The Website and numerous other real estate sites offer buyers nowadays with a helpful glimpse at potential dream homes. Their list of attractive options make home-buying a very exciting – although stressful – experience for those who want to jump into the properties market. Who can resist the urge to envision themselves inside a quaint Cape Cod cottage?

Since there are plenty of good houses for sale in Washington, the first-time buyer may feel overwhelmed. The problem then becomes not which house to choose but rather, how to choose the best one. If you're stuck in a rut; or simply have no idea of an ideal dream home, here's a helpful checklist to get you started.

Owning a House
1. It's Within the Budget

With the real estate back on track, DC property sales have also skyrocketed. That doesn't mean that all dream homes are suddenly out of reach. Find out how much you're willing to spend; get the necessary mortgage lender or pre-approval letters; and allow extra cash for multiple offers.

EXPERT TIP: A dream home is not necessarily expensive. There are many houses for sale that are affordable yet manage to look superb. It's important to keep your budget range lower than what you have in mind so that you'll have more to offer if you stumble upon a great catch.

2. It's Complete

Make sure that you list down requirements for your dream house such as: number of rooms, type of kitchen, needed amenities, and square footage. Are you expecting a new baby in a few months? Will you frequently have guests sleep over? These questions are crucial because home wonership entails other responsibilities too.

EXPERT TIP: Check the condition of the home carefully. Decide if you're willing to pay for repairs later on (which most folks don't mind, especially if they already fell in love with the property); or buy a home which is totally brand new.

3. It's On the Map

Location is an integral aspect of a dream home, too. Countless buyers before have had regrets when they finally closed the deal – only to learn that their supposedly 'dream home' was too far from the nearest bus station. Experienced Washington DC realtors will certainly educate their clients about the locality ahead of time.

EXPERT TIP: Even if your broker doesn't open the topic first, ask lots of questions regarding the neighborhood. Do your own research and take note of important establishments; like schools or transportation spots.

4. It's Nice

These are the 'nice-to-haves' or the wishlist. Learn to differentiate the points here from your dream home checklist. A home 'wishlist' will contain all the things you or other family members would love to have, but don't necessarily need: like a backyard pool or a shrub garden.

EXPERT TIP:The check list should ALWAYS come first and NOT the wishlist. This will help you sort through the myriad of confusing options; ensuring that you can have the best home possible. Cross out items from the wishlist once the home can meet all the criteria from the checklist.


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