Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Housing Tips for House Hunters

Real estate is back in USA. More specifically, it is back in Washington DC. It is a state where beauty, science, prominence, architecture and everything are seen in one. It is a place worthy of living. However, there are also a lot of houses the state can offer. Choosing the best one can be very tiresome. Even if you got a realtor who can help you, it is still better to look by yourself. To make house hunting easier, here are some steps you must do.

House Checklist

Loiter around and take pictures
Looking at the listings in several directories or even through advertisement, it is into guaranteed that would be the real look of the house. But if you see it personally, you can have a feeling of how living there will be. It is also good to have points of comparison so that you can judge what the best house is for you and your family.
Hunt with Someone
“Two heads are better than one”. Bring a companion whenever you are seeking for a house. It will help you to think first before buying. You will avoid impulsive buying.
Check how much you can afford
Don’t go above what you can afford. Getting a house is an investment and most probably you would need a loan. So, better look carefully in your finances if the house of your choice won’t compel you loan large amounts.
How far is it from your work?
It will cost you a lot if your house is far from your place of work. You will have to spend time and gas. If you commute, you will also consume time plus your fare.
Find hidden costs
When you are looking for a house, you must not overlook the hidden costs. It will include maintenance costs and repair expenses. Remember that these are costs on top of the actual price of the house. Don’t neglect it because you might end up spending more than you expect.
Hire a real estate agent
Buying a house is not easy. It can also be time consuming. So, find someone who will identify your needs, wants and expectations. Your realtor will be the one to process necessary documents as well as negotiations with the seller.
Narrow down your searches
You may like all prospect houses but you have to choose what really fits you. Try to roam around the area and see who your neighbors will be. You will be living with them in one community, so they must be someone you can befriend or tolerate.
Decide wisely
You can sleep with it before deciding. An impulsive buyer tends to choose a not so good one. Consider every aspect of living. Also, let your family members have a second opinion about the house.

Getting a house is an investment but it is also a place where you will be spending most of your time with. It is where your kids will grow and where you can find true peace. Buy a house that will serve as your haven so that whenever things got worse, you’ll have a place you can call your own.


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