Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Real Estate: Why Choose DC

Thinking of moving out and checking some property for sale in DC? Along with Arizona, Florida, and Delaware, Washington DC has been ranked as one of the best places to live in. No surprise there: with its multi-eclectic citizens and a long list of year-round events, DC is a top alternative for family starters or young professionals. Picturing a small, serene town with friendly neighbors? Or perhaps a spacious condo on the North West? Take a look at the pros and cons and decide which DC living suits you best. 

Woodley Park


DC is a melting pot for the intelligent and ambitious bunch. Since it is the capitol, most jobs are government-based and therefore not heavily affected by the economic crisis. This makes Washingtonians experts on their field and quite lovely conversation partners. Weekends need not be boring with free museum and cultural events. Choose from their different establishments, or go shopping and bar-hopping. Washington, being a central location, gets the most traffic from great bands and artists. Going out isn’t a problem because DC relatively has mild climate with four seasons. Expect Spring and Fall to be the highlights of this city – making it the perfect time to check homes for sale in the district of choice. DC real estate is said to be a hot investment among brokers this year, so visiting some of their offerings on open season isn’t a bad idea. Downtown need not be the only choice though. The region includes a metropolis filled with hip apartments or condos, quiet suburban townhouses, and even rural dwellings for those seeking more privacy. In fact, some residents are moving to the outskirts of the city to experience a more peaceful living. Either way, DC has plenty to offer in terms of properties.


Just like any other place in the globe, Washington also has a few disadvantages. As many city dwellers can attest, heavy traffic and high cost of living could be expected from the capital region. But this is highly objective. To combat rush hour, Washingtonians opt to use public transportation or simply get by on foot. There’s nothing like a good stroll to know the neighborhood (not to mention a great form of exercise)! Using the bus is also faster than using the metro subway or taxi – and less expensive. In addition to moving into a new city, getting a roommate to share rent with is better than shouldering all the expenses. Benefits of which is having more money to spend on Friday night gimmicks or weekend trips.  With a decent job, DC living is very affordable and positively exciting.

Rather than simply looking online or talking to brokers, travel to the region instead and experience the real thing. Look at the apartment or house you’re moving into. If planning to move permanently, DC homes vary in price depending on which district so choose wisely. Consider budgetary concerns and also personal tastes when it comes to the final decision because even the most discerning buyer might fall victim to overpriced abodes.  Rule of thumb: don’t be afraid of new experiences and keep an open mind!


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