Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Real Estate in USA: Eyeing Washington DC for investment?

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The great recession in 2008 was triggered because of the “housing bubble burst” that occurred from the real estate markets. Because of many housing mortgages and suddenly people didn’t pay for it, the economy trembled causing for several sector to panic and even believe that the US economy will fall in a cliff. However, as the market is actually starting to get stable again, it is expected that US economy will get out of recession. 

Real estate is a sector that can provide flourishing returns however, as risk is always associated with it, there have been speculations that USA real estate market won’t rise but a study conducted by Active Rain showed that it can get back and rise again in 2013. How is this possible?

84% of the respondents of the survey believe that real estate will increase in the year 2013 while over 133% is confident that the economy can rise again. Though 17% believes that it will not drastically increase, 84% holds belief for real estate transactions to increase on this year. 

One common indication that an economy is flourishing is the building of infrastructures. It also applies to US market because 77% of the respondents believe that there will be new building constructions that will rise in 2013. Since 2010- 2011 there has been an increase in real estate transactions and confidence level of respondents showed that it is possible to regain a good real estate sector. 

Given that USA is now regain its spot being one of the most lucrative prospects for investment, Washington DC seemed to be the most eye-catching of them all. In DC, the average price per square feet is $457. That’s an increase of 9.9% compared last year. The median sales price is $498,000 from Apr-Jun 2013 which represents a 13.8% increased compared to last quarter. Also, there is less property crime and violent crime in Washington. Such trend assures that it can still get better indices in the next few years to come.

When you are buying or selling a house in Washington, you can surely gain from it. As properties continuously appreciate through time, it is expected that when you invest now, provided the national economy performs well, you can gain prosperous returns a few years after. 

Washington DC is such a nice place to settle. Aside from being a lucrative capital of the USA, it offers neighborhoods that you can surely enjoy. You can see different natural sceneries, landmarks and architectures.  

If you are currently eyeing Washington DC real estate investments, you have a good choice. You can find houses through the internet. Did you know that in 2010, 40% of buyers found house on the internet? In line with this your real estate agents might contact you through Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus as finding and selling a home has now integrated in the modern spectrum where people get to transact business online.

Lastly, be reminded that a real estate investment is a long term investment where you pay the price today but you gain more tomorrow. You just need to find the right place at a right price.


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