Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Should it be a house or an apartment?

You must have decided to live on your own or with your family. Washington DC is simply a place you can’t ignore. The heights of quality living are present where history, architecture, educational institutions, medical facilities, parks, and green space creatively crowd the area. However, choosing a home requires further researches because you can choose from having an independent house or an apartment.

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Building or buying a house will incur more investment than renting an apartment. Also, getting a house will require you to pay mortgages, and you need to maintain the house. Despite this fact, it is still better to choose a house than rent because of the following reasons:

·       Freedom and Privacy- an independent house can provide you the freedom to do whatever you want to do. You can decorate it with your own style and show off your personality. You can also enjoy privacy and intimate moments unlike when you are renting an apartment. You don’t have to follow the rules.

·      Gardening and Pets- if you are more attached with gardening and pets, you can do it with your own house. You can set a terrace where you can see the beautiful horizon of Washington DC. That’s why before you choose a house, always consider the location. 

·   Expansion Allowed- you can get small house first and then expand. If you have more budgets, you can add a second floor and even third floors. 

·      Possible higher returns- as you know the real estate’s value do not depreciate. If you buy your own house, you can expect higher returns when you sell it. Unlike when you simply rent, you can’t expect to sell something in the future.

·  Customization- some apartments do not allow customization of rooms. However, an independent house can compel you to be more creative. If you got kids, you can design it, so they will feel comfortable with it. 

We all want to experience a better living in a place we can call our own. However, you can’t just point a house and buy it. You might also not want to stay in an apartment forever. Though it will spare you from bigger cash out, you can’t do things that can really make you happy. So, you can say, you would choose an independent house. What else should you do?
When you decided to get a house always consider location, price, building condition, space and things you cando. Choosing a house on impulse may not provide you the experience you want to have. So, you will need to do a survey. You can check on home buyer’s report, building report, home condition and new-build snagging report. You must also visit the place; check on your neighbors and amenities such as water, electricity and other supply. Whether you choose a house or an apartment, it is always safe to check on your necessities. Lastly, decisions will still depend on your preferences, budget and lifestyle. Though an independent house is the choice of many, choosing it simply can’t fit in their pockets. 


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