Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Avoiding Stress During Home Buying

Owning A House
Having a good DC Real Estate Agent by your side is certainly a big advantage during the home buying process. A new house is a huge deal and at some point, there will be feelings of doubt, annoyance, anger, and frustration. That’s normal – every buyer goes through the agonies of house hunting. However, if the stress of the Washington real estate market is starting to affect your relationships, work, or yourself, then maybe it’s time to step back and take a breather.

Plan Ahead and Stay Informed
One of the first things to do to avoid stress is by getting a reliable broker. Ask for recommendations, interview a couple of people, and ask plenty of questions. A good agent will act as a mentor and guide you in one of the most crucial decisions of your life (getting a home); so be sure to invest in this aspect.

Have a list of sensible expectations, prepare all the requirements (mortgage loans, cash, credit reports, etc.), and research online for recent market temperatures. Jumping too quickly into the house-hunt bandwagon isn’t a nice idea if you’re not well-armed – so come equipped and ready.

Trust the Realtor
Real Estate Agent

The reason you hired one in the first place, is to have someone to depend on – it would be illogical to lose hope now. Many real estate agents have been through dozens of sales and other challenges that their knowledge can be crucial; especially when closing a deal. Inhale deeply and know that your broker is there to help you get the best house possible.

Focus and Be Realistic
It’s great to have a big imagination: visualize a white picket fence with emerald green lawns and a quaint two-storey house. Sounds perfect? Unfortunately, it pays more to be realistic. Even with the aid of knowledgeable local real estate agents, there will be one or two house features you’d have to forego sooner or later. Just be prepared for this and focus your energy into imagining yourself and your family finally settling into a chosen house. It might not have everything on that list; but if it works (and the price is right), why not take the chance?

Try to Be Flexible
Plenty of buyers get angry when interest rates suddenly skyrocket and their initial budget can no longer accommodate their selected home. If you’ve come prepared for battle, you’ll know that real estate in DC and anywhere else in the country can unexpectedly rise based on market conditions or real estate laws. Stay ahead by calculating such expenses into the finances to prevent woes once a deal pushes through.

Remain Optimistic
That can be difficult; particularly if you’ve visited nearly every dwelling suggested by your agent and none seems to fit your dream home criteria. That’s alright – don’t panic. In every situation, there are always at least two options. According to experts, the average buyer takes about twelve weeks before finding the ideal abode. Considering this, believe that there is a house out there for you and your family – and that you will find it eventually.


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