Thursday, October 3, 2013

Traits to Look for in a Realtor

Looking for a new home is already tough on its own – so finding a good DC Real Estate broker can either make or break the entire experience altogether. Getting your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare – and so should your mediator. Here are some points to think about before or during a meet with your DC broker.

Real Estate Agents

Have You at ‘Hello’
Everyone agrees that communication is key to relationships; this has never been truer than between clients and real estate agents. Buyers and sellers both want a realtor who can be honest and truly listen as well. Honesty is one of the foundations of the real estate industry – so it’s important to find someone who will disclose all vital information about a deal, but not too much that it will jeopardize the seller or buyer. A good realtor knows the thin line between honesty and confidentiality – and he will never use private or sensitive information just to drive a sale. He will be open to ideas, and listen carefully to what the sellers and buyers aim for.

This extends even to phone calls. Since most transactions are done over the phone first, a good broker would be sincere on the onset and provide genuine assistance.

Everywhere in Between
To take Washington as an example, the state holds different neighborhoods which can be tricky to pursue for the first-time buyer. A good agent would be familiar with the area or locality he’s working in; and would be able to provide updated house listings and market values that would meet client requirements. Knowledge or familiarity shouldn’t be restricted only to dwellings; but should also include parks, safety establishments, restaurants, transportation, and even hidden gems within the region. In turn, the buyer/seller would feel more comfortable, knowing they have a knowledgeable guide to help them see through a deal.

Since real estate is a cutthroat sector, finding an agent who invests all his time into this industry is a bonus. There are brokers who do this as a part-time gig –and although it’s not bad, it can be frustrating when he can’t return calls or be there during a home inspection. As much as possible, look for a full-time realtor.

From Point A to Point B
In connection with being honest, a good broker follows through with his promises and appointments. He calls when he says he does, and shows up when he says he will. Surprisingly, there are agents who don’t keep their word and leave buyers/sellers hanging.

During the buying/selling process, a good realtor might recommend partners, inspectors, or someone they trust to help seal the deal. This makes the entire experience easier to handle, and lets the client know that the agent is really there to extend a hand.

Before getting a real estate broker, ask family and friends for recommendations first. Try calling them on the phone, or interviewing a few of them. It’s important to feel comfortable around this person since he or she would be a guide in making a monumental decision – so choose wisely!


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